Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Girl Talk | Feature 2

Hey Lovelies, first off Happy Valentine's Day! Use this day and more to spread love and just make someone smile. Today we are going to cover a lot of stuff from the Grammys to New York Fashion Week and more! 

New York Fashion Week

Whether it's a chic look for the season or a political statement addressed in clothing. I've been taking notice of many looks that have been walking down the runways and our city streets and there are just many that I have been loving, so here they are.

The 2017 Grammys

This was a night full of stellar performances and touching tributes. I was absolutely blown away by Adele and Beyonce's performances. I also loved Bruno Mars, Chance the Rapper and the Weeknd's performances as well. 

Now as for fashion, there were tons of hits and major misses. In all honesty, I adored Beyonce's, Rihanna's, Adele's, Jennifer Lopez, Demi Lovato, Lady Gaga's, Paris Jackson and Solange's looks. There are a couple others, but those are my favorites. The looks really flattered their figure and spoke to their styles and personalities, as well as brought with it some aura of confidence. 
As for the misses? I really wasn't a fan of Katy Perry's dress. I looked at the top and thought it was gorgeous, the gold and all was really flattering. Then, you get to the bottom of the dress and there is this shag thing that really needs to find it's way out. The bottom portion of the dress wasn't cute, and it didn't mesh together well with the top portion of the dress. I absolutely loved her makeup and hair, but that dress was not doing her justice. Honestly, if we could just grab some fabric scissors and just chop that shag material on the bottom part of her dress right off, and somehow elongate the golden portion on top, then it'd look so much better. Another one was this colorful bubblegum ball pit looking mess, and I don't know the name of the girl who wore it was. The idea was cute-ish, but the execution of the look was borderline tacky looking to me. Those are just some of my honest thoughts on the looks that evening and I could go on, but we have got to move on hun. 

Newest Bachelorette Announced!

So, I'm pretty sure we are all somewhat aware of the ABC show, 'The Bachelor'. Well, recently, the Bachelorette, for next season was just announced, and she hasn't even left Nick Viall's season of the Bachelor yet. For those of you that don't know yet, Rachel Lindsay has just been announced as next year's Bachelorette! People feel the announcement is too soon, for the obvious reason being, she is currently on Nick Viall's season as one of the final four. I'm honestly really happy for her, though, as she seems like such a well-spoken, fun and genuine person. So, good luck to her as her journey to finding love continues. 
However, can we get real for a minute, for those who have kept up with this season...all I can say is that it is just crazy. The ongoing drama is funny to watch, literally so unrealistic and entertaining, I can't stop watching. 

That's it for Girl Talk! More to come next week loves, so stay tuned!

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