Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Girl Talk | Feature 3

Hey Lovelies, welcome back to Girl Talk! We are going to be discussing a couple of things, Taco Bell weddings, a new Starbucks drink has hit the menu, and the Oscars...all here on girl talk!

Get married in Taco Bell!

Yes, you read right. Taco Bell is officially offering wedding packages to be placed for the Summer of 2017. You could get married in the Taco Bell located in Las Vegas, and within the package, you get a sauce packet bouquet, a ceremony in the chapel in the restaurant, a reception with up to 15 of your closest friends and family and more all for the price of six hundred dollars. Six hundred dollars. I'm sorry...but like for me, no thank you. No way am I going to get married in a Taco Bell...and for six hundred dollars...you woulda thought. At this point the ratchetness (sorry for the language...just had to be said) has just reached its peak, for a Taco Bell wedding, it shouldn't be costing you six hundred dollars. But, if you're hoping to give your guests projectile diarrhea during the reception, happy planning! Honestly, though, I am not here for any of that, but if any of you are, I'm pretty sure you could fit more guests by holding the reception in the parking lot. 

Rainbow Drink from Starbucks

This rainbow beauty is one of the newest secret menu items from Starbucks, known as the "Matcha Pink Drink". You can order this drink just by asking for the following: it's three parts the "pink drink", so, a Strawberry Acai refresher mixed with coconut milk and one part matcha coconut milk all served over ice.  So, take some pictures and enjoy!

Get ready for the 2017 Oscars!

A night full of celebration for the collaborative work of all people and aspects of film, is kicking off this Sunday on the 26th of February. The 89th Academy Awards is a must watch for me, honoring the best in motion picture arts, and sciences, the people and many other aspects during the creative processes as well. I can't wait to get a good look at the fashion on the red carpet too. So, be sure to catch that on TV Sunday night!

That's it for girl talk, stay tuned for more next week!

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