Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Girl Talk | Feature 4

Hey Lovelies, today we'll be discussing the fashion that rocked the Oscars red carpet, that awkward situation during the ceremony that has got everyone talking and more on Girl Talk.

89th Academy Awards

So first things first, let's talk the fashion.

Who wore it best? And who should have gotten their money back? Well, Hun, can I just say that Taraji P. Henson looked absolutely stunning on the Oscars red carpet. It was definitely redemption from that Grammy's look a couple weeks back. It was such a classic and sleek look, the black-blue velvet, off-the-shoulder gown, paired with the right accessories, hair, and makeup had me living, the whole look from head to toe was just perfection. Emma Stone looked absolutely gorgeous. I adored the dress, hair, makeup everything was just amazing and giving me such Old Hollywood 20's glamour vibes. Meryl Streep walked the carpet in this gorgeous Silk Elie Saab Couture gown with gold accents. Charlize Theron rocked the red carpet in this beautiful gold Dior gown. Dakota Johnson looked beautiful in this gold Gucci gown. Viola Davis looked so stunning in this red Armani gown. Janelle Monae looked like such a princess in Elie Saab Couture, I adored the detailing on the top half of the dress, especially, and the way she accessorized around the gown brought the whole look together. Octavia Spencer in this silver Marchesa gown looked beautiful, as well as Kirsten Dunst in this classic black Dior gown and Ava Duvernay in this gorgeous silver and lace-accented gown from Ashi. Hailee Steinfeld looked so gorgeous in this Ralph and Russo haute couture gown, literally adored her whole look. Ruth Negga looked stunning in this red custom Valentino gown. Okay, but can we please take a moment because Olivia Culpo looked so stunning. From head to toe, she looked absolutely glamorous in this silver dress from Marchesa and just as Emma Stone was serving up some major Old Hollywood 20's glamor vibes she was doing the same, which I adored. As we're winding down on the list, I can't forget to mention other beautiful looks that took the red carpet, from Emma Roberts in this gorgeous Armani, Ginnifer Goodwin in this beautiful red gown from Zuhair Murad to Chrissy Teigen in this fabulous Zuhair Murad Couture gown in white with gold accents.

Now as for the looks that I wasn't too crazy for, here they are:

Fashion talk is over, for now, let's get into that awkward moment that everyone witnessed at the ceremony that night. Here's the quick rundown: they announced, La La Land as the winner for 'Best Picture' because the wrong card got brought up and given to the presenters. So, not knowing this, the whole cast and crew behind the making of La La Land came up on stage giving out their acceptance speeches (Awkward). Midway, they were stopped by Jimmy Kimmel and the presenters and it was brought up to the cast and crew behind the making of La La Land and announced to the audience, that they weren't the winners, that it was Moonlight that won 'Best Picture' (Double Awkward). Then all you have is the cast and crew standing awkwardly looking around...after the speeches and everything... Hunny the awkwardness was felt by everyone and it was just utter cringe.

My Current Favorites

This is a bit of a diversion. I just thought it would be cool to share my current favorites, whether it be a tv show, song, fashion/beauty item(s) and so forth every once and awhile or maybe every week...who knows? This would be a great way for you to know a little bit more about me, so let's get started.

Movie(s): The Edge of Seventeen (2016), Funny Face, and Confessions of a Shopaholic
Song(s): Issues by Julia Michaels, No Problem by Chance the Rapper, Jason's song by Ariana Grande, Rockabye by Clean Bandit, Step on up by Ariana Grande, Company by Tinashe and the Ignition X Don't Mind mash up cover by William Singe
Book: An American Duchess by Sharon Page
Accessory: Chokers.
Magazine: Vogue and TeenVogue
Store(s): Charlotte Russe, Century21, and NYX
TV Show: Pretty Little Liars, The Office and Total Drama Island
Guilty pleasure TV show: Keeping up with the Kardashians and Project Runway
Winter Staple(s): oversized sweaters, turtlenecks, skirts with tights and over-the-knee boots
Spring Staple(s): skirts, off-the-shoulder tops, and lace-up graphic tees

This statement was sent in by someone on girlslife.com's "Dear Carol" column and I thought I'd offer my own piece of advice. 
She says:
"I'm in high school now and have so much homework. I'm an A student, but my workload overwhelms me. I barely have any free time because I don't work fast. I also haven't been able to get to bed at a decent hour. I've tried making schedules, but I give up because I get distracted or things take longer than expected. I need help managing my activities. I feel like I'm trying to run up a down escalator while carrying a sack of bricks." - Homework Horror

Dear Homework Horror, 
Having gone through years of high school myself and still dealing with my senior year, I know how stressful it can be among many other things. As Carol says, give yourself some credit where credit is due for how much work you are doing, because it can be stressful. My advice? Work harder at managing your time and try and fit breaks in between all the work. Maybe a five-minute break per class subject could help? You need to just remove yourself from the stressful situation for a bit, and come back ready to work with fresh eyes. Also, limit distractions! (At least while you're working). Whether it's finding a quiet place to work in or staying in the comfort of your own room and powering down the technology for a bit. This helps ensure that you work and don't waste time on alternate things. As for activities, take the time to really think about what you love doing and what you could hold off on for the meantime while you figure out how to handle your workload. Don't take on too many things than you can handle and those bricks could become feathers and you won't feel so stressed out. 

That's it for Girl Talk. Stay tuned for more next week! 

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