Friday, March 17, 2017

How to look expensive on a budget

Hey Lovelies, so, before we get into it, I'm still young and still learning how to spend money wisely, especially when it comes to fashion. The idea is to work with what you already have in your closet and spend the money on quality pieces. Not saying fashion is the end all be all, but there is no problem with wanting to make sure you're slaying the game while you're on a budget. Today, I'm going to bring you all the tips/advice...same difference...on how to look expensive on a budget and slay all day every day.  

1. Wear Black.

Black is such a timeless color that goes with everything! It's because of its simplicity that you could even wear it with other colors and/or prints. The first person that comes to mind when thinking of the color black? Coco Chanel. She brought to us the idea of the little black dress, and a multitude of tailored looks using those neutral tones. Get yourself a little black dress. It's something that's simple and chic and will never go out of style. Alternatively, you can take a clothing piece as simple as a black blazer and immediately make an outfit look polished. You can go casual and get a simple black t-shirt, but make that look "expensive" by dressing it up with a cute A-line skirt and ankle booties or grab a pair of jeans and something like a jacket, cardigan or bomber. Take some basic clothing piece in that neutral tone and dress it up to fit your own style!

2. Choose colors that compliment you.

Begin by going through what you feel are the classics in your closet. It can be the little black dress hanging at the back in a dress bag, or a distressed denim jacket. From there, choose colors that best suit you to wear. Choosing colors that best compliment your skin tone can make a huge difference in the turn-out of your look. It can turn a dull outfit into a bomb one, all because it compliments your skin tone. Colors that compliment you will visually brighten up simple things like your eyes, skin, and mood. A happier mood can also provide confidence and that confidence just radiates as well.

3. Buy/wear the right fabrics.

You can never go wrong when wearing natural fabrics. These are your cotton and silk clothing pieces. Silk is something that will always make you look chic, you can find inexpensive silk clothing pieces in places like Zara (on sale honey) or Miss Selfridge. On the other hand, Cotton is a quality natural fabric that can be found literally anywhere! And a good quality cotton top, pant or skirt can add a great touch to a look!

4. A structured bag.

This could be both pricey, but inexpensive in the long run. Splurging on a chic and structured handbag or mini backpack and then wearing that with the most basic look in the world, can instantly make any outfit look expensive, just because the bag is polished and expensive paired with an outfit. Your closet could consist of solely basics, let's say, a crisp white t-shirt, and denim jeans. However, paired with a Celine handbag or a Michael Kors mini backpack, you just brought that simple look up a notch. There are people who manage to look 'effortlessly' expensive without spending much on clothes, but on the handbag on their arm instead. And there are bags out there that look expensive but are very affordable. So, if you were thinking of a quick way to make a basic look expensive this is the way to go. 

5. Pick clothing that flatters your figure.

Please know that if you want to look expensive, your clothes should fit you and in turn flatter your figure, comfortably hugging all the right curves, alternatively loosely forming around them. You shouldn't be drowning in the clothing you're wearing and alternatively, the clothing you wear shouldn't be so tight that you can't breathe or move in them. This is because it won't look flattering and the outfit will fall flat and just look cheap. Now to clarify, there's a difference. Drowning in fabric 5-6 sizes too big isn't cute and doesn't look expensive. However, an average oversized denim jacket or hoodie styled the right way would look amazing! 

6. Show your clothes some love.

As I said, it all comes from working with what you already have in your closet and then investing in quality pieces. Take the time to take care of your clothing so they last and look new for a long time. 

7. Accessorize.

After you've got the basics of your look set, pull everything together by accessorizing it! My favorite are layered chokers with my simple gold heart necklace. I've worn my simple heart necklace for ages and just decided to be extra by wearing it with chokers to go along with different outfits. Then, I'll put on earrings and I'm good to go. You can go that way, or rock some sunglasses. Maybe you like the look of stacked rings? So, go for it! Feeling like making a simple statement, grab a statement necklace that goes with your outfit and you're ready to head out the door.
Added tip: pointed shoes. flats or heels adds a hint of sophistication to any look.

8. Coordinate your shoes and bag.

As I mentioned before a basic look is instantly upgraded when paired with a structured bag. Take this look to the next level by wearing matching colored shoes! You can literally be wearing a simple black top and black jeans, but take that basic look to the next level by pairing it with a white pair of sneakers and a white handbag. The colors can be interchangeable, so, take the idea, and make it personal to your style.

9. Color combos.

There are clothing in colors that you could wear that could quickly make a simple outfit look sophisticated. Various shades of brown, nudes and blush pinks, when worn separately are colors that add a hint of sophistication to any look. Another go-to color combo that never fails to look expensive, depending on how it's styled is black, white and blue. You can grab a crisp simple white t-shirt to wear with dark blue jeans and a black cardigan for a casual look or swap out the jeans for a black A-line skirt, keep the white shirt and swap out the cardigan for a blue blazer, for a much more sophisticated look. There are many ways to wear and style these color combinations. 

10. Take care of yourself.

You can't look expensive solely on just the fashion. You have to take care of yourself as well, yes, personal hygiene honey. You can't look expensive with chipped nails, that isn't cute. As for your hair, do something nice with it to pull the whole look together. A sleek/simple ponytail, sleek/messy bun, effortless waves...etc...go with a nice style that completes your look. Finally, if you wear makeup minimal or extra, you better make sure that your makeup is killing it all around. Those lashes are long and luscious and that highlight is poppin'. This will ensure you are slaying all around all day everyday hun.

Quick shopping tips:

1) Be smart with your money. Save and spend on quality pieces and work with what you already have.
2) When shopping, really think: Can this be styled multiple ways? Can this be worn more than once?
3) Clothing you buy should be versatile. This meaning that you have the capability to style one clothing item AT LEAST three different ways. Why? You save money this way. You don't have to keep buying all this stuff you don't need because you'll hopefully have pieces that can be styled multiple ways to create a new outfit each time.
4) Can this be worn more than once? If yes, and the clothing item is what you genuinely feel is at a reasonable price, then purchase. If no, drop it and move on. You shouldn't spend two hundred and upwards in money on something you can only see yourself wearing once.
5) If there are sales, only purchase QUALITY items on sale, obviously because of the fact that it's cheaper than buying quality items at regular price. Never purchase something just because of the fact that it's on sale because then, you're just wasting money on something you probably won't wear again, just solely on the fact that a sale price tag was put on it.

Hope you found the tips/advice useful!

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