DIY Pearl Choker

Hey Lovelies, so recently I've been loving chokers, I'm constantly wearing them because I find they are such a cute accessory. Chokers can either be pricey or inexpensive, but all in all, they are such a simple, yet cute way to add to an outfit. So not long ago, I thought to myself, why not make one? It's pretty inexpensive to do so, and so I did. I'm honestly loving the end result, so I decided to let you know just how I made it so you could create one (or multiple) as well. 

What you will need:

Steps to create:

1) Start off by measuring out the length of chain you'll need. To measure, take the necklace chain and wrap it around your neck and then add an extra 1/2 inch to what is wrapped around your neck.

2) Using pliers cut off the excess chain that isn't wrapped around your neck, (if any). You should end up with the piece of chain that was wrapped around your neck to start creating your choker.

3) Now, using pliers open and attach one hoop (jump ring) to one end of your chain, and close the hoop off.

4) At this point, start applying the pearl beads, looping them through the end of the chain without the jump ring present.

5) Once you've finished applying beads to the chain, repeat step three on the other end where no jump ring is present. However, before closing the hoop (jump ring) attach the clasp to the end and then close off the hoop.

6) Rock your new choker! Now, you can wear and style it however you'd like!

If you create this, I would so love to see the way you styled them! Comment down below, or post a picture on Instagram with the #DIYfashion so I could check out your creations!


  1. This is the cutest choker ever! I will need to try to to make this♥ I love pearls so this is the perfect combination of a choker and pearls! Thanks for sharing this DIY!

    -Danielle Ruppert

    1. Thank you!! I love wearing it with different looks, but glad you like it! I love pearls as well, so had try and make my own choker using them and loving the result. No problem :) Please let me know how it turns out! xx

  2. I love DIY posts but I have never come across one like this. Might try this out and gift it to a friend.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Sabah ||

    1. Same here! And that's amazing to hear, thank you so much!! Let me know how it turns out :) xx

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