New York Fashion Week At A Glance

So...I know this is long overdue, but your girl is back and ready to tell you about Fashion Week! My friend, Jasmin and I were invited to a few shows and went to an event at New York Fashion Week and it was such an unreal, fun and beautiful experience. From the crazy commute and endless walking to the amazing're going to get a little bit of it all today. 

Before I get into it, I want to start by thanking Francesca Liberatore and her team, Dan Liu and his team, the team at Art Hearts Fashion and the team at the Lexus X Interview Magazine event for having us!! We really loved and appreciated everything a bunch! 


Honestly, I'm still shocked that we were able to get tickets and attend these shows. It was such a dream and I couldn't believe I was getting ready to go to Fashion Week and go to these shows to see looks from a collection shown live on the runway from designers whose work I adore. 

Before heading into our first day of Fashion Week, we definitely had to have our looks and travel arrangements ready. This is Fashion Week, basically, an excuse for anyone to either dress cute and fashion-forward or straight up just show up and show out looking all kinds of extra. During this particular week, it was pretty warm in New York City, and Jasmin and I literally walked passed these women wearing oversized fur coats...honestly, the level of extra was too real. 

Going into fashion week, Jasmin and I mainly commuted by train, a bus at one point, and did a ton of walking. To start off our first day of Fashion Week, we were headed to our first show which was hosted by Art Hearts Fashion in this beautiful venue on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. When the show started and the first model walked out in the first look Jasmin and I were both shook by the beauty of the look. As the show went on we were amazed by each look that came out on the runway that day because they were truly breathtaking.


Art Hearts Fashion put on a show that had such an element of fantasy from the gorgeous venue to the collection shown that day. Each look worn by the models had such an element of fantasy. Every look was very much modern and fresh with that element of fantasy. It also felt like a take on good versus evil brought to modern times. Some models were styled in all white looks exemplifying purity and innocence, on the other hand, other models were styled in all black looks representing the opposite. It was such a great show and the collection that was shown was gorgeous.


After the Art Hearts Fashion show, we made our way to The Lexus: Set in Motion event in partnership with Interview Magazine. It was a really cool and fun event hosted by Lexus and Interview Magazine for Fashion Week. Jasmin and I had this fun little photo shoot, ate some croissants (where the real food was at...we had no guys really tried it with having just croissants though) but, we took some more pictures, listened to some good music and lived life, as well as, got this cute swag bag.


During Fashion Week, there are generally many photographers and press taking hundreds of pictures of different street style looks that are seen at Fashion Week. On our way to another showroom event at Skylight Clarkson Square, there were so many photographers and press people taking pictures of a bunch of different people rocking "street style looks" meaning fashion-forward looks that were walking our very own city streets. The crazy thing is a couple of them stopped us to take pictures of our looks that day! It was really unexpected, but cool because these were professional fashion photographers and they thought our looks were something to capture on their cameras.


Francesca Liberatore's show was the next day at Skylight Clarkson Square.  The collection Francesca Liberatore presented was truly breathtaking, showcasing these beautiful floral appliques over sheer fabrics. The collection showcased very chic and free pieces which I adored. There was also the use of plaid print in a few of the pieces at the show. There was one particular piece I really liked that looked feminine and fresh, and it incorporated both this pastel pink plaid print and pastel pink floral appliques which really brought unity to the collection. I adored these other pieces that showcased these gold floral appliques over sheer black fabric within the collection, they were beyond beautiful. 

I really liked the layered pieces within the collection as well, everything went well together and looked so fresh and effortless. It was such a breath of fresh air seeing the different styles and silhouettes and layered pieces incorporating pants and not solely dresses within the collection. What I especially liked about Liberatore's collection was that the model's hair, makeup, and footwear were kept simple and each piece, beautifully crafted, had its own striking presence on the runway. 


Dan Liu showed at the same venue, but a different gallery. Dan Liu's spring/summer collection was so beautiful and I liked the details that were presented throughout the show. Liu's collection featured very feminine pieces from the A-line silhouettes to the lace print in a white/cream and blush color palette. I adored this one piece within Liu's collection that was a feminine A-line coat dress designed with blush pink lace print and red buttons. 

The detail of the peacock feathers above the eyes was different and interesting, and in a sense really displayed a focal point of inspiration. Liu closed the show using a model who walked the runway with the peacock feathers above the eyes, a simple white dress, and she held this ring covered in the same peacock feathers behind her. I felt it was a great way to close the show as it unified the collection because without that last piece the peacock feathered eyebrows would have been a bold and confusing choice. Overall the collection was beautiful, and I really liked how most the pieces looked feminine chic but, still ready-to-wear. 

That's it for our New York Fashion Week experience! Jasmin and I really appreciate being able to experience a bit of Fashion Week, it was such a fun and beautiful time. Once again, a big thank you to Francesca Liberatore and her team, Dan Liu and his team, the team at Art Hearts Fashion, and the Mimi Prober team for inviting us! Also, to the team at the Lexus X Interview Magazine event, thank you for having us! 

Thanks so much for reading loves! Until next time for more in fashion.


  1. Ohhh girl, amazing you've been invited to an event in the iconic NYFW. Great pics, loved the way you presented your blog is objective, well written and you are so not conceited. Great you show gratitude for this experience. I am sure a lot more opportunities will come your way! Keep it up! Xoxo

  2. Must be awesome to get to go to the NYC fashion show. I'm not into fashion, but I think I'd have a great time just looking and the models and some of the creations the designers come up with.

  3. What a fun week! I cannot wait to experience fashion week myself! Thanks for sharing!

  4. What an awesome adventure! This is my dream!!

  5. These look like they were such fun shows!

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