Christmas Moodboards

Hey Lovelies, what better way to start off the holidays than with Christmas decor! When decorating your home or anywhere for the holidays it's best to have a theme and some inspiration. I happen to grab the best inspiration when I create mood boards! They're such a great way to compile photos that inspire you and form a theme on a visual mood board, whether it's a physical mood board or a digital one. Sites, like Pinterest and WeHeartIt, allow you to create digital mood boards with beautiful photos from around the web. 

I love photography but, the photos below are not mine and are from Pinterest and WeHeartIt, but I've compiled these photos I've found to make my very own digital mood board for inspiration. As the holiday season progresses I definitely plan to take a lot of my own Christmas-sy shots to show you all. Either way, you can also turn this digital mood board into a physical one, simply by printing out the mood board images below and sticking them onto a physical mood board of your own. Along the way, you can also add more visuals you'd like onto your physical mood board.

The mood boards I put together are holiday-themed, and I hope the different visuals gave you some inspiration for your holiday theme and/or decor. 

Thanks so much for reading loves! Until next time for more in the KoutureChristmas Series!

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