We've all known that person who can style bargain-bin fashion finds and make them look like luxe fashion splurges. The secret to cultivating such a style lies in the clothing pieces you put together. It does take a little patience and effort when it comes to cultivating outfits. But, it's all worth it because the end result is a cute look without breaking the bank. So, today I thought I would share with you some style tips to get you looking luxe for less!

Accessorizing is key.

Accessorizing, in general, is how you complete a look and it helps make your outfit look a little bit more chic on a budget. Go for statement sunglasses, ones that fit your face shape, for a classic statement to finish off your look. You can also opt for dainty jewelry which is such a great way to create a minimal and luxe looks for less. You can also go for a cute statement bag to complete your look. Regardless, accessorize to fit and complete the look for your outfit of choice.

Here are some inexpensive statement accessory pieces.

When in doubt, go with neutrals.

Literally, if you're in doubt just create a look with neutrals. Neutrals are such a classic and easy color palette to style with. Neutrals tend to fit all styles and make for classic and luxe outfit. This being said, don't shy away from colors. Try switching it up from the neutrals and incorporate colors into your outfits. This is because colors paired the right way with neutral clothing pieces can also create A LOOK.

Style around a statement piece.

The key to cultivating a luxe look is the statement clothing piece. Pick a clothing item that you would like to be the focus and style the rest of your outfit around that statement piece. Alternatively, is styling around a statement bag. The idea is allowing the statement bag to be the statement accessory for your look and cultivating your outfit with that piece in mind. You could honestly wear such a basic outfit but, by pairing it with a statement bag you've instantly elevated that look.

Structured clothing is key.

In general, structured clothing always upgrades an outfit several notches. From your structured blazers to structured skirts. Adding any structured clothing piece to your outfit instantly elevates your look and adds a classic feel to any look as well.

Monochrome madness it is.

This is low-key a style hack that tends to look both flattering and luxe. So, if you've been through your fourth outfit change and are over it, just go with a monochromatic look. Black on black on black? This is the most common neutral monochromatic look most of us are guilty of. Either way, this one color outfit combo makes for a simply luxe-put together look. Just pick a color to style a whole look around tailored to your personal style and you're good to go.

Mix it up with textures and materials.

When it comes to your outfit, play with different textures and contrasting material. Say you wear a basic look, like a black t-shirt and jeans. Just by grabbing a clothing item in different material like a faux fur or teddy coat to throw on over the outfit, you managed to completely elevate the look.
Textured Fabrics: You can also choose textured pieces with luxe finishes like lace, tweed, jacquard or faux fur. There's also those clothing pieces with special detailing like fringe, embroidery or embellishments.

Keep it Clean, Pressed, and Tailored.

Make sure clothing is clean and pressed, it's such a simple way to look luxe because it instantly helps make you look put together. Also, it's important that clothes fit your body right and hug all parts of your body the right way. You'll end up feeling a lot more comfortable and confident in the outfit you're wearing and those vibes radiate off of you. It's those confident vibes that'll help you look luxe and serve looks for free.

Match your shoes and bag.

Matching your shoes to your bag whether it's based on color or material will always instantly elevate your looks. This is a style tip that can elevate even the most basic look and make it look luxe.

Invest in quality pieces.

These are pieces that can stand the test of time in your wardrobe. This is also a matter of how you choose to spend your focus and money on clothing. It's great to save and spend on set classic quality items that will last you a long time and can be used to curate multiple different looks.

Thanks so much for reading loves! Until next time for more in fashion.

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