How to find your personal style

The struggle for me in finding my personal style was too real and with these style tips, I was able to come up with my very own personal style. So, today I'm am going to share with you a few tips and tricks that you can implement to help you find your own personal style.

1. Look for outfit inspiration.

My number one tip is to look for outfit inspiration. Outfit inspiration is so important, especially when it comes to figuring out what your personal style is. It's also great for becoming more in tune with how to style clothing and how to put outfits together that you may have not really thought about putting together before. You can get loads of outfit inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram, style bloggers, Tumblr, your favorite celebrities, and even your own city streets. Fashion is something that's all around us, and when you travel you can definitely see the different types of style from one place to the other. In finding your personal style or when you feel like you have nothing to wear, go for one of your outfit inspiration looks and create a similar look with clothing pieces you already have right in your closet. However, I'm always stressing this and it's the fact that it's only inspiration, so, you could take an outfit and be inspired but, always remember to make it your own because that is the for sure way to define your very own personal style. 

Who is your style icon? Try to find a couple of different style icons that you admire. It could even be someone with a similar look and body shape to you because this could mean that whatever they wear would probably look good on you too because you have the same hair color, skin tone or body type. So, find someone who has a personal style that resonates with you. Then, take inspiration from them when curating your own looks and defining your personal style.

My style icons are Zendaya, Rihanna, Talia Richelieu (@taliacupcake on Instagram), and Kelsey Simone just because I love how they pair contemporary clothing pieces, high fashion pieces, and street wear into one cohesive look. On the other hand, I admire Audrey Hepburn and her style, it's so classic and there's just something about her style that I adore and draw inspiration from as well.

2. Build a wardrobe of basics.

Start out by building a wardrobe of basics, because it'll be the foundation of all your looks. Once you've built a wardrobe of basic pieces, incorporate trendy pieces to your wardrobe. Trends are great, but they shouldn't be your entire look, so, switch it up by mixing up your basic clothing pieces with trendy clothing pieces to create a look. Solely pairing trendy pieces with other trendy pieces will clash and only shows you know how to follow the latest fashion trends, which doesn't help define your personal style.

3. Experiment with clothing.

Go check out stores or boutiques and just try on clothes and different styles and find what fits you best. Work with trends and experiment with different types of clothing and styles to figure out what does and doesn't work for you. This is the best way to help you define your personal style as it's a way of really discovering what you like to wear, what looks good on you (colors and style-wise), and what fits your body best. 

4. Create a style mood board.

Now, this may be a little extra, but it could really help some people define their personal style. Once you've found a style icon(s) that really resonates with you and some outfit inspirations you can do one of two things: print the different looks you love and cut them out and place them on a board and create a physical mood board or you can create one online using Pinterest to pin your favorite looks online. This is a great way to encapsulate your personal style visually and always remain inspired.

5. Confidence is everything.

The greatest accessory of any outfit is confidence. You can wear any trendy outfit and all, but when you're not feeling yourself in that outfit it'll definitely show. No matter how cheesy it may sound, confidence is what makes or breaks an outfit. For example, there are times when even Rihanna can wear what some people would consider the ugliest thing, however, because she's confident in her outfit it definitely shows and she continues to serve looks no matter what it is she is wearing because she's confident and happy in her outfit. If you wear something and you don't like it no matter how trendy it is, it shows hunty. So, wear something you love and that you're comfortable in because when you're confident in your outfit it'll show and you'll just continue serving all the looks.

6. Just because it's not "in style" doesn't mean it shouldn't be your style.

Who cares if a certain outfit or clothing item isn't "in style" anymore? If you like the style of something that's not so much "in style" anymore and know you look good, then rock that look. Wear what you want because it makes you look and feel good, because if it makes you happy it'll show and you'll always look good regardless of if it's "out of style". Plus, being off-trend makes you different and unique from the crowd and also adds character. So, never be afraid of being "out of style" because let's get real, so many old fashion classics, silhouettes, and styles of the past are making their comeback.

7. Purchase more of what you like.

If you find clothing pieces you like, don't be afraid to buy a couple more variations of those clothing pieces. I, for one, love off the shoulder tops, slips/lace tops over basic shirts, chokers, and denim jackets/clothing pieces and I tend to get different variations of each when building my wardrobe with clothing pieces that I genuinely like and will continue to wear even when they may become "out of style". That's because those clothing pieces and/or accessories are cute to me, and I'm confident when wearing them and I'll still be poppin' wearing the same things in the future. So, buy things you truly like to wear, in order to build your wardrobe with clothing pieces that truly define your style, because it's likely you'll wear those things time and time again.

8. Don't put yourself in a "style bubble".

When it comes to defining your personal style that's unique to you don't feel pressured to put yourself in what I call a "style bubble". A style bubble is an idea that you belong in one of the following style groups: girly...preppy...androgynous...classy...the list goes on. For me and many other people, we're grabbing inspiration from all different types of styles and then curating our own looks.  I'm the type of person that's inspired by minimalist and contemporary outfits, classic styles and outfits of the sixties and nineties, and street style looks. I'm inspired by a wide range of styles and ideas and use that to curate my own personal style. So, don't feel pressured to conform to one set style, because it does hinder your ability to explore different outfits and figure out what you truly love style-wise. Not to say that you can't have a focal point of style inspiration, but do try and experiment with other clothing pieces and looks in order to find your personal style.

At the end of the day, curate looks to your liking to define your personal style and just keep on serving looks. 

Thanks so much for reading loves! Until next time for more in fashion.

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