Style Guide: The Neutral Handbook For The Fashion Girl

Black...White...Grey, Repeat. It's no secret that this beloved signature is our go-to when it comes to outfitting. So, I'm here to let you in on the secret to keeping this beloved signature style anything but, basic. From the modern minimalist take with a touch of red to the street-style looks that parade New York City streets, your girl has got you covered!

Pair Neutral Graphic Tops with Unexpected Statement Pieces.

I just adore the look of graphic tops paired with unexpected pieces. It just adds something extra to any outfit and brings everything together in such an effortlessly cool way. Whether it's paired with a red vinyl mini skirt or topped off with a checkered blazer, statement pieces are just effortless ways to stay serving looks. This styling also makes for the perfect layered look when fall comes around.

Play with Different Textures and Styles.

When you're approaching your wardrobe or dresser try to get creative when it comes to the outfit planning process. Play with different textures and styles as you go through different pieces until you create THE outfit, you're undoubtedly going to be obsessing over all day. I personally think the look of "dad sneakers" and silk/satin dresses (a current trend), looks really cute and luxe. They're two completely different styling pieces, and yet, they mesh so well together...and that's the point. You're giving me two vibes and two styles in one look. The idea? Anyone can style this and more to their personal style for fresh and creative new looks.

Minimalist Jewelry And A Touch of Red

Minimal jewelry pieces are the perfect way to accessorize any look basic or not. It's no secret that accessories really do make the biggest difference to any outfit and always help bring any look together. Minimalist jewelry pieces are just that, they add a subtle statement to any outfit. You can also layer necklaces or stack on some rings to your liking for a different look each time. Not a form of accessory, but a bold red lip is also a perfect subtle statement to top off any neutral-toned monochrome look, just saying.

And with that being said, really hope you enjoyed and found these styling tips helpful in putting together your future outfits.

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