Hello 2021

Well...it's been a minute. You may have noticed a major drop in the content on here from me lately. So much has transpired over the past year and it has been a lot, but your girl is back.

To be honest, this post only seemed to get harder to put up as time passed with each deleted draft, but here we are—a much-needed start and refresh. For me, last year has consisted of so many highs and lows. My mental health has reached lows that I never knew existed. This decline has been catalyzed by certain people and personal things. This past year, my heart has even shattered in more ways than one. So, as I reflect on all that has happened over the last year, I'm so thankful to see another one. 2020 was challenging for me and so many others in so many ways. As overwhelming and emotional as that year was, I learned many things. I'm extremely thankful for the situations that sparked for me a moment of revelation and a sense of clarity. Now, entering this new year I can't seem to feel anything else, but gratitude. 

In jumpstarting things this new year on the blog, I thought it would be great to re-introduce myself. Since there are so many amazing people that have recently followed me, I'd love for you all to get to know me more. So, hey, my name is Kelly and I'm 21 years old. I'm Nigerian and I grew up mainly in Long Island, New York, but I also lived in Flushing, Queens at some point in early childhood. As a young girl, I always found an escape through fashion and books. I was obsessed with how fashion can make you feel and how it's used as a mode to express yourself. This is the reason why, back in 2017, I started this blog as an outlet to share my exploration of style, my perspective on all things in fashion, bits of my life, and more. As of right now, I'm a college student studying political science with plans to pursue law in NYC right after undergrad, while simultaneously navigating my interests in fashion and blogging. When it comes to law school, I'm thinking of either going the corporate law route or pursuing intellectual property law in the fashion sector. My passions and interests include art & design, traveling, writing, photography, cooking, reading, skincare, and fashion of course. I live for the company of my family and friends. Also, my faith is my everything—I'm a Christian, by the way. I'm also an enthusiast and daydreamer; my wallpaper has already been replaced with my very own 2021 vision board as a way to keep me inspired and focused. I prefer tea over coffee most times, sunrises over sunsets, and staying in over going out (trips to the city are usually the exception). Music-wise, I listen to a range of things from R&B and alternative to blues/jazz. In my downtime, you can catch me reading something new or watching my favorite shows over on Netflix—I'm still catching up on episodes of One on One and Girlfriends...and will possibly get started on Bridgerton soon because I've heard good things. 

Now, let's talk fashion: I would classify my style as contemporary with elements of street style. Plus, a touch of vintage-inspired attributes because I live for 90s style & trends. Neutrals are my go-to palette, but I'm always down to incorporate some pastels and a few prints into my wardrobe. Many elements between Pinterest, the New York City scene, and some of my favorite fashion icons influence aspects of my style. So, if you're still curious about me...stay tuned. In this much-needed refresh, I'm back and ready to keep things going. And, as always, I'm endlessly grateful to you for following along as I continue to navigate my twenties as a young Black woman in fashion. 

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