Hello 2021

Well...it's been a minute. You may have noticed a major drop in the content on here from me lately. So much has transpired over the past year and it has been a lot, but your girl is back.

To be honest, this post only seemed to get harder to put up as time passed with each deleted draft, but here we are — a much-needed start and refresh. So, in jumpstarting things this new year on the blog, I would love for you all to get to know me a bit more.

My name is Kelly and I’m a 21-year-old fashion-obsessed Nigerian gal trying to figure out how I can turn my passion for fashion into something more meaningful. For as long as I can remember, I always found an escape through fashion, books, and movies. I was obsessed with how fashion can make you feel and how it is ultimately used as a mode to express yourself. But, while I enjoy different elements of fashion, culture, and putting together outfits — what I really love is using fashion to tell a greater story. That is where the blog and content creation comes into play. Back in 2017, I started this blog as an outlet to share my exploration of personal style, bits of my life, and more. On my socials, I was able to blend those elements through a curated aesthetic. 

As far as my personal style, I would say it's casual yet, chic. Neutrals are my go-to palette, but I'm always down to incorporate some pastels and a few select prints into my wardrobe. Many elements between Pinterest, the New York City scene, and some of my favorite fashion icons influence aspects of my style. My interests are a blend of many things including art, design, travel, writing, photography, cooking, reading, skincare, and fashion of course! My faith is my everything—I'm a Christian. I'm also an enthusiast and daydreamer; my wallpaper has already been replaced with my very own 2021 vision board as a way to keep me inspired and focused. Personally, I live for the company of my family and friends. I prefer tea over coffee most times, sunrises over sunsets, and staying in over going out. Music-wise, I listen to any genre really, as long as it sounds good. In my downtime, you can catch me reading something new or watching my favorite shows—I'm still catching up on episodes of One on One and Girlfriends...and will possibly get started on Bridgerton soon because I've heard good things. 

Anyway, feel free to leave a comment below or chat with me about anything. And, as always, I'm endlessly grateful to you for following along as I continue to navigate my twenties. 

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