Hey guys! :) Welcome to the blog!! I'm Kelly, the founder, and creator behind this fashion and lifestyle blog, MissKouture. I grew up mainly in Long Island, New York, but I also lived in Queens at some point in early childhood. As a young girl, I always found an escape through fashion, getting creative, and books. I was so obsessed with how fashion can make you feel and how it can be used as a mode to express yourself. So, back in 2017, I started this blog to share the ways that I experiment with style, my perspective on all things new in fashion, bits of my life, and more. 

As of right now, I'm a full-time college student studying political science (planning to pursue law), while simultaneously navigating my interests in fashion and blogging. I would classify my personal style as contemporary chic with casual elements of street style. Plus, a touch of vintage-inspired attributes because I really live for 90s style & trends! Neutrals are my go-to palette, but I'm always down to incorporate some pastels and a few prints into my wardrobe. So many elements between Pinterest, the New York City scene, and some of my favorite fashion icons influence some aspects of my style. But, ultimately, I take that inspiration and make my looks my own when styling. 

So, what exactly is MissKouture? MissKouture is a blog focusing on fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and fun! Honestly, this space is for anyone like me who enjoys learning new things and expressing themselves through style. My style and my perspective are not defined as one set thing. As I’m always trying something new, elevating my wardrobe, and expanding my mind. I aim to empower and inspire all women through this platform to hone in on their identities, elevate their sense of style, and express it. So, think of this as your go-to digital fashion spot & style guide. I would love nothing more than for you to join me in my experience with style, life, and more!


I'm always open to collaborating with brands and like-minded individuals whose values naturally align with mine. So, to get in touch regarding any general inquiries, campaigns, or collaboration opportunities, send an email to themisskouture@gmail.com.

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