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We've all known that person who can style bargain-bin fashion finds and make them look like luxe fashion splurges. The secret to cultivating such a style lies in the clothing pieces you put together. It does take a little patience and effort when it comes to cultivating outfits. But, it's all worth it because the end result is a cute look without breaking the bank. So, today I thought I would share with you some style tips to get you looking luxe for less!

Accessorizing is key.

Accessorizing, in general, is how you complete a look and it helps make your outfit look a little bit more chic on a budget. Go for statement sunglasses, ones that fit your face shape, for a classic statement to finish off your look. You can also opt for dainty jewelry which is such a great way to create a minimal and luxe looks for less. You can also go for a cute statement bag to complete your look. Regardless, accessorize to fit and complete the look for your outfit of choice.

Here are some inexpensive statement accessory pieces.

When in doubt, go with neutrals.

Literally, if you're in doubt just create a look with neutrals. Neutrals are such a classic and easy color palette to style with. Neutrals tend to fit all styles and make for classic and luxe outfit. This being said, don't shy away from colors. Try switching it up from the neutrals and incorporate colors into your outfits. This is because colors paired the right way with neutral clothing pieces can also create A LOOK.

Style around a statement piece.

The key to cultivating a luxe look is the statement clothing piece. Pick a clothing item that you would like to be the focus and style the rest of your outfit around that statement piece. Alternatively, is styling around a statement bag. The idea is allowing the statement bag to be the statement accessory for your look and cultivating your outfit with that piece in mind. You could honestly wear such a basic outfit but, by pairing it with a statement bag you've instantly elevated that look.

Structured clothing is key.

In general, structured clothing always upgrades an outfit several notches. From your structured blazers to structured skirts. Adding any structured clothing piece to your outfit instantly elevates your look and adds a classic feel to any look as well.

Monochrome madness it is.

This is low-key a style hack that tends to look both flattering and luxe. So, if you've been through your fourth outfit change and are over it, just go with a monochromatic look. Black on black on black? This is the most common neutral monochromatic look most of us are guilty of. Either way, this one color outfit combo makes for a simply luxe-put together look. Just pick a color to style a whole look around tailored to your personal style and you're good to go.

Mix it up with textures and materials.

When it comes to your outfit, play with different textures and contrasting material. Say you wear a basic look, like a black t-shirt and jeans. Just by grabbing a clothing item in different material like a faux fur or teddy coat to throw on over the outfit, you managed to completely elevate the look.
Textured Fabrics: You can also choose textured pieces with luxe finishes like lace, tweed, jacquard or faux fur. There's also those clothing pieces with special detailing like fringe, embroidery or embellishments.

Keep it Clean, Pressed, and Tailored.

Make sure clothing is clean and pressed, it's such a simple way to look luxe because it instantly helps make you look put together. Also, it's important that clothes fit your body right and hug all parts of your body the right way. You'll end up feeling a lot more comfortable and confident in the outfit you're wearing and those vibes radiate off of you. It's those confident vibes that'll help you look luxe and serve looks for free.

Match your shoes and bag.

Matching your shoes to your bag whether it's based on color or material will always instantly elevate your looks. This is a style tip that can elevate even the most basic look and make it look luxe.

Invest in quality pieces.

These are pieces that can stand the test of time in your wardrobe. This is also a matter of how you choose to spend your focus and money on clothing. It's great to save and spend on set classic quality items that will last you a long time and can be used to curate multiple different looks.

Thanks so much for reading loves! Until next time for more in fashion.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Spring Layering 101

The weather is finally starting to warm up a bit and I couldn't be more excited to ditch the heavy coats for lighter clothing pieces. Spring is that transitional season and with the weather switching it up on us, we need to be prepped have Spring layering down. Spring also calls for new trends and incorporating fun pops of color into your wardrobe and day-to-day looks. After a long winter of neutrals, it's time to switch things up and incorporate some pops of color, pastels, and prints into your wardrobe and every day looks! So, regardless of the ever-changing spring weather, these are some tips on Spring layering to get you prepped and looking cute this season.

Mixing It Up With Spring Prints

Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking. (Literally channeling the very Miranda Prestley of The Devil Wears Prada.) Florals are such a tired and tried print so, I'm thinking pinstripes this Spring. I've been seeing pinstripes everywhere this season, and even have a couple of pinstripe patterned clothing pieces in my wardrobe. Pinstripes are such a versatile statement print to incorporate into your everyday Spring looks. Pinstripes are a fresh statement print in itself, so, when it comes to Spring layering it's great to build a look with the clothing piece or set in that print as the focus. To build a look from that print, pair it with other solid colored clothing pieces in a similar color scheme or style.

Get the Looks: Charlotte Russe Striped Off-The-Shoulder Top (Similar Item), Charlotte Russe Striped Off-The-Shoulder Bell Sleeve Top

Play With Fun Pops Of Color

After a long winter of sticking to the neutrals, it's definitely time we switch things up and incorporate some fun pops of color and pastels into our everyday looks. I've gradually mixed things up a bit when it comes to my everyday spring looks by incorporating color and pairing spring prints with light versatile winter clothing pieces.
And that's generally the idea when it comes to Spring layering. You want to build a layered look using light-weight and versatile clothing pieces. These light-weight and versatile clothing pieces usually tend to be the transitional pieces straight from your winter wardrobe paired with Spring staples. So, find that colorful clothing piece or accessory using that as the statement piece in your look and build an outfit around it using other transitional clothing pieces.

Get the Look: Urban Outfitters Patrick Nagel Art Print Tee (Similar Item), Rag & Bone High-Rise Skinny Jeans, PrettyLittleThing Mustard Ankle Boot (Similar Item), Saks Fifth Avenue Gold Heart Earrings, JCPenney Rose Gold Stud Earrings, H&M Velvet Choker Necklace, Isabel Marant Pied 90 Degree Earrings, Kate Spade New York Bright White Penelope Crossbody Bag

What are transitional clothing pieces?

Transitional pieces are perfect for the confusing weather in between seasons. These are the clothing pieces you keep in your closet year-round and are items in your closet that are usually light-weight and will layer easily. These clothing pieces can keep you warm or cool and can be dressed up or down depending on your fashion needs. Some examples of the best transitional pieces include amazing light outerwear like a light trenchcoat, leather jacket or denim jacket. There are also summer-ey pieces like a satin slip dress that could be layered over a turtleneck sweater.

Get the Look: Phillip Plein Vintage Mickey Mouse Leather Jacket, Net-A-Porter T by Alexander Wang, Charlotte Russe Faux Leather Crop Top (Inexpensive Alternative), ASOS Black Panama Hat, UrbanOG Qupid Buckle Cut Out Bootie, Tobi Wash Rolled Hem Shorts, ASOS Buckle Waist Belt (Similar Item), Forever21 Faux Leather Backpack (Similar Item), Icing Thick Black Velvet Choker, Target Thigh High Opaque Stockings

Double It Up On Jackets

If your single moto jacket won't cut it when it comes to the weather, don't be afraid to add another. This is a great way to incorporate your transitional pieces and stay warm in cooler weather.

Layers On Top

If your legs are fine with the cool Spring breeze, this is the type of layering style for you. The focus is to layer using transitional pieces and keep your upper body bundled. So, say you're wearing a pair of shorts or a skirt. You can build from this look by layering a basic tee or knit sweater on top. And then add some leather jacket or denim piece to top the look off. Another look option would be a turtleneck, casual t-shirt dress, moto jacket, shoes, and socks combo.

Layering with Overalls

'90s style is back and having it's moment with overalls back in full force. Overalls are a stylish Spring staple that can be styled numerous ways and is perfect for Spring layering. This is a piece that can be layered under or over everything from a blouse or a t-shirt to a turtleneck sweater. Throw them on over a shirt and maybe layer underneath an oversized coat if it's a bit chilly outside. There are many ways to style this versatile piece to suit your style and fashion needs for Spring.

Layering with Dresses

This is just a great way to get creative when it comes to layering with your Summer/Spring dresses. Simply begin by layering your dress with a shirt, a turtleneck or blouse underneath, this will not only make your outfit weather-friendly but also transform your final look entirely. You can even go a different route and layer your dress with a chunky knit sweater on top. So, definitely take this and experiment to your liking.

Get the Look: SHEIN Lace Up V Cut Knit Dress, Madewell the Juliette oxford shoe, Lizzy James Boho Charm Bracelet Trio, ASOS New Look Round Crossbody Bag (Similar Item), Brahmin Lane Topsail (Similar Item)

Get Creative With Your Crop Tops

These aren't pieces that should just sit at the back of your closet until June comes around. A crop top makes for the perfect layering piece over a button down top. A cropped sweater is also another great transition piece that you can layer over longer tops.

Get the Look: ASOS Denim Jacket, Bebe Ribbed Off the Shoulder Top, Urban Outfitters Denim Button-Front Skirt, Karl Lagerfeld Paris Esme Velvet Bow Sneaker

Accessorizing With Scarves

Say goodbye to those chunky scarves and hello to silk ones. The idea when it comes to Spring layering is to keep it light and relaxed. So, swap out the chunky winter scarves for lighter ones that you can throw on when it's chilly and take off once it gets warmer throughout the day.

And...that was the Spring Layering rundown to have you prepped and looking cute this season! How do you dress for the awkward and ever-changing Spring weather? Let me know in the comments! 

Thanks so much for reading loves! Until next time for more in fashion.
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The Most Wearable Spring Trends Right Now

Spring calls for warmer weather, new wardrobe and styles, festival looks and more! When it comes to Spring, we always tend to switch it up and incorporate new clothing pieces into our wardrobes. This toasty weather also calls for festival season and styles. So, I've rounded up a list of the latest Spring trends you can incorporate into your wardrobe.

Spring Palette

The Spring color palette calls for bold and bright colored clothing pieces. A Monochromatic look or Colorblocked style were just some of the ways bold and bright colors were styled this season. Not a fan of going bold? You can also take a softer approach to color for Spring with Pastels. It's such a great alternative to add some color to a neutral wardrobe for Spring.

Eye-popping Orange and Lavender

The major colors of the season happen to be Orange and the "New Millennial Pink": Lavender. There are countless subtle and bold ways to incorporate either of these colors into your look whether it's through a clothing piece or an accessory.

Multiple Bags, Belt Bags, and Fanny Packs

The Multi Bag trend is a new way of styling accessories that consists of carrying two or more bags at once. So, mix it up when trying this out with smaller bags and handbags. Depending on how you style, it can make a cute look and mean more storage. Belt bags and Fanny Packs are the trends of the 1980s that we can't seem to get enough of. They come in all different styles and would look cute if you take on the Multi Bag trend with these pieces.

1960s Palm Beach Glamour

Picture colors, tropical prints, and 1960s beach chic. This trend is all in the name: 1960s Palm Beach Glamour. This a style that's perfect for Spring and consists of lots of colors and matching tropical sets.

Socks and Cinderella Shoes

Cinderella shoes paired with sparkly socks/tights are this seasons new sparkly and dainty trend. This style consists of wearing sparkly tights or socks with heels. This is a trend that can bring a girly vintage style to a look.

Floral Tea Dresses

Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking. We're always associating florals with Spring, it's not anything new. Nevertheless, it's a print that is bound to stay in style for Spring, and it's a print used for a range of clothing pieces. Floral Tea Dresses, for instance, are an effortless and girly dress style you can wear for Spring.

Vintage 90s Shades

More of our favorite vintage styles and accessories are making their comeback, like the tiny shades of the 90s. The different sunglasses styles of the 90s have been the must-have accessories of the season. They come in a range of shapes and styles, so, you're bound to find a pair that fits you best. This is a subtle and fashion-forward way to add a 90s vintage twist to your outfit.

Checkered Print

This classic and chic print has been on the frontline of fashion. This is a print that resurfaced in many unique styles, many of which have been inspired by the sixties and seventies silhouettes. There are many cute ways you can take accessories, a clothing piece or set in this print and style it for spring.

Feathers and Fringe

Fringe made it's comeback and is a popular style for festival looks. Feathers (Faux) are also becoming a popular clothing piece for flirty and free looks. The boho trims are statement pieces that can be added as an accessory or a clothing piece when curating outfits.

Sportswear and Dad Sneakers

Tracksuits, sportswear and casual takes on dressier looks is the new trend. The 80s sportswear is slowly making its comeback, as seen in many street style looks that incorporate the style. There are also the popular ways of styling softer flowy dresses with "dad sneakers".

Square and Asymmetrical Necklines

Square up this Spring with this trending new neckline that's subtly throwing it back to the neckline style in the Renaissance. From cute cotton tops to dresses and every style in between, expect to see this neckline. There's also the Asymmetrical Neckline, the off-balanced and contemporary silhouette that's perfect if you want to switch it up this Spring.

Ripped and Laced-Up Denim, plus Dark Denim Sets

We're not crazy enough to retire our vintage anytime soon. Denim, in general, is such a big trend this year. There are so many ways to style denim because of the large range of styles they come in. The newest popular style being ripped and laced-up denim clothing pieces for Spring. Denim Cut-Off Shorts are a trending shorts style. These shorts are a great element to add to your outfit for a distressed urban street style look. Dark Denim Sets are also becoming popular and come in many contemporary and distressed styles.

Plastic and Vinyl

Along with the many vintage styles coming back in style are the 70s plastic and vinyl clothing style. There are many styles from 70s-inspired vinyl miniskirts and pants to black vinyl dresses and jumpsuits. You are bound to make a fashion-forward statement this Spring with this vintage trend.

Sheer and Transparent

Go clear this Spring. Transparent, sheer, and skin-revealing fabrics and accessories are in right now. This is a trend that can be styled countless ways and some in ways that aren't too revealing.

The Newsboy Cap

The Newsboy Cap, also known as, The Baker Boy Hat was a popular style of the 1920s that made its resurgence in fashion this year. It's a popular hat style and accessory you can use to top off a Spring outfit.

Contrast Stitching

Clothing pieces with contrast stitching are the must-have spring staple trending this season. It's a contrast-colored stitching used on clothing and is such a subtle detail that makes clothing pieces pop. There are countless ways you can incorporate the trend into your style for Spring.

Which trend(s) do you plan on trying out this Spring? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks so much for reading loves! Until next time for more in fashion.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Designer Spotlight: Fall/Winter '18 New York Fashion Week Favorites

The annual Fall/Winter '18 season of New York Fashion Week kicked off in New York City this February! I love and appreciate the artistry and craft that comes with each collection curated by designers. I also genuinely appreciated the diversity on the runways. That being said, I was so excited to see the many stunning collections that were showcased on the runways during Fashion Week. So, today I'm sharing with you several of my favorite collections (in no specific order) that were showcased for this Fall/Winter '18 season of New York Fashion Week. 

Ulla Johnson

Ulla Johnson's Fall 2018 Ready-To-Wear Collection was absolutely fabulous. I adored the entire collection which consisted of new and fresh takes on layering, knits, mixing fabric and more. There were also many looks that consisted of layering in ways that were beautifully executed.

Juicy Couture Show

Juicy Couture was a popular brand of the '90s and early '00s and within this Fall collection, for Fashion Week the signature look of the brand was seen in new variations. I adored how they took trends from different decades and intertwined them with the Juicy Couture Collection for a fresh take on their signature style.


Colovos brought utilitarian style and softly structured looks within their collection this Fashion Week. Many of the pieces within their collection made bold and beautiful statements on the runways. 

Anna Sui

Anna Sui presented a beautiful collection full of prints and color.  Different prints, fabrics, and colors were paired and layered together in a way that was beautifully executed. I adored each and every look within this collection, especially the various prints in each look and the beautiful layering.

Romeo Hunte

Romeo Hunte sent models down the runway in beautiful cropped jackets and reversible raincoats. I adored the bold red checkered looks and the statement coats in the collection. The collection was executed fabulously, from the mixed patchwork coats to the checkered print vinyl cropped jackets. Each look was a stunning stand-alone statement on the runway.

Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang sent many amazing looks down the runway. An ode to the '70s was demonstrated in some looks with the use of vinyl and patent leather. This collection brought a futuristic and contemporary look on the runway. Wang also made a statement when he incorporated his label onto some of the pieces in the collection which added an element of charm to the collection.

Christian Siriano

I absolutely adored Christian Siriano's collection this fashion week. Ashley Graham opened the show in this stunning floor-length bold red statement coat. Each look within the collection was beyond stunning from the beautiful gowns to the bold statement coats.

Jonathan Simkhai

Jonathan Simkhai showcased a gorgeous collection with different prints and structured styles. I was literally obsessing over this collection the moment I saw it, because of how beautiful and fresh the looks were. Each look was a contemporary spin on classic styles and prints. I also liked the mix of structured and free clothing pieces throughout the collection.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford's collection consisted of numerous divine looks this Fashion Week. I adored the many cheetah-licious statement looks that were sent down the runway. There were many bold statements in Ford's collection from the use of color to the print mixing to the stunning coats. 

Cinq a Sept

The Cinq a Sept collection had such an element of charm and elegance in their collection this Fashion Week. The collection had such elegant looks and a beautiful color palette to follow. I also noticed the amazing mix of prints and fabrics in certain looks within this collection as well.

Adam Selman

Adam Selman's collection was a fun and bold ode to the '80s. Colorful looks were sent down the runways and I adored the different classic pieces that were showcased within Selman's collection. Trends from the '80s were expressed within the collection from the colorful tights to the puffy statement sleeves and the Paper Moon Graphics that were popular during that decade.

Brock Collection

The Brock Collection showcased a collection with an aura of romance and minimalist look. There was also a vintage style that was incorporated in many looks in the collection. Each look was absolutely beautiful and the vintage floral print unified the collection and brought an enchanting element overall.

Dan Liu

Dan Liu's collection this season for fashion week showcased a look similar to his previous ones with the feminine cuts, lace and pastel hues. The collection showed a beautiful range of looks that were unified with one element or another whether it was through the color palette or lace fabric. I also thought the statement coats and jackets were absolutely gorgeous and paired nicely with certain outfits.

Art Hearts Fashion


Art Hearts Fashion is a platform that was founded by philanthropist and designer, Erik Rosete. Art Hearts Fashion is a platform that holds events for emerging designers to showcase their latest collections for Fashion Week. What I also really like and respect is that the Art Hearts Fashion platform is also intertwined with a couple of causes and organizations it supports.

Fall/Winter '18 New York Fashion Week

The last show I went to held by Art Hearts Fashion for Spring/Summer '18 New York Fashion Week was beyond beautiful from the venue to the collection that was showcased. Art Hearts Fashion Runway events are held every year in this gorgeous venue on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. And many designers showcased their collections for Fall/Winter '18 New York Fashion Week at the same venue. A lot of designers showcased stunning collections but, my favorites include collections presented by Carmen Steffens and Mac Duggal.

Mac Duggal's collection showcased numerous divine gowns on the runways. As for Carmen Steffens, I genuinely appreciated how each of the looks within the collection was effortless and something that many people could essentially wear day-to-day. I adored the use of prints and appliques throughout several looks in the collection as well.

Which one of these Fashion Week collections was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks so much for reading loves! Until next time for more in fashion. 

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Celebrity Style for LESS!

These fashion-forward street style looks are some of the celebrity looks that were spotted on the city streets of Los Angeles and New York. All of these outfits incorporate some of the trendiest fashion staples of the year, and you could possibly snag a similar look...for less! So, let's get into it because I'm bringing you the latest street style and insta-style looks worn by Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Skai Jackson and Bella Hadid for less.  

Selena Gomez

I'm obsessed with this outfit Selena Gomez wore because it's such a cute, simple and affordable look that anyone can purchase and wear. The fashion staple that I adore in this look would have to be the colorfully striped t-shirt. The t-shirt paired with the denim jacket and the rest of this look just adds a vintage '70s twist to the outfit which I personally really like. 

Ariana Grande

I adore this look that Ariana Grande is wearing from head to toe. It gives off vibes from the movie Clueless because of the classic mustard yellow plaid. Plaid is really in right now, as well as, bold colors like the yellow in this look and the faux fur coat. This look is so fashion-forward and styled perfectly in a way where each fashion trend within this outfit complements one another and doesn't clash.

Get the Look: Callipygian Bare Bow Top, Urban Outfitters Ami Faux Fur Collarless Coat (SOLD OUT), Callipygian Plaid Kick Flare Pants, Saint Laurent Platform Ankle Boots

Bella Hadid

This look is more on the grunge side and is such a different style from what we're used to seeing from Bella Hadid. I adore how this look was paired together from the classic baker boy hat to the gray distressed denim. If you're into grunge style, this is the look for you to style on your own for less!

Skai Jackson

This denim on denim look spotted on Skai Jackson is genuinely perfection. This look on its own has many different amazing fashion staples from the distressed boyfriend jeans to the oversized denim shirt with the bold text on the back. Denim has been an ongoing trend and this outfit is styled fabulously using the denim on denim trend. So, you can definitely take inspiration from this when curating your next denim on denim look!

The looks and clothing pieces featured in my style boards can all be found over at MissKouture on Polyvore. And if you'd like to see another celebrity street style fashion rundown, comment down below who you'd like to see next.

Thanks so much for reading loves! Until next time for more in fashion.

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The New York Fashion Week Trends To Rock On Campus

Fall/Winter ' 18 New York Fashion Week kicked off this February in New York City. And, of course, with Fashion Week comes beautiful collections and a lot of style inspiration. Several weeks back I made a couple of fashion rundown posts about trends that will either stay or come into the frontline of fashion for 2018. Needless to say, many of those trends were seen on the runway this Fashion Week. Here are some of the New York Fashion Week-inspired trends straight from the runways that you can also rock on your school campus.

Puffer Coats

Oversized coats made a statement on the runways this fashion week. One of these oversized styles includes the puffer coat. Try pairing the coat with a basic top and your everyday jeans, as well as, with a pair of sneakers to complement it. Puffer Coats are such a cute and effortless clothing piece to style, all whilst keeping you warm as well.

Get the look: MISSGUIDED Yellow Oversized Puffer Jacket, Urban Outfitters High Waisted Light Wash Jeans, Urban Outfitters High Rise Light Blue Skinny Jeans, Forever21 White Crew Neck Tee

Tea Dresses

Tea-length floral dresses were seen across several runways, especially at the Michael Kors show this fashion week. Although the style can be a bit extra for class, there are some cute and effortless tea dress styles that you can totally rock on campus. Tea dresses are such fun and feminine clothing pieces to wear and would look cute paired with either over-the-knee boots, sneakers, or flats.

Faux Fur Coats

Faux Fur Coats were the fashion statement seen all over runways and city streets throughout New York Fashion Week. Designer Christian Siriano opened his show with Ashley Graham wearing this gorgeous floor-length bold red coat. This made for two beautifully executed statements in one being the bold red color and oversized floor length coat style. A simple but, chic way to pull off this trend is to wear a faux fur coat over your outfit for a fashion-forward ensemble.

This fashion-forward queen, Brittney Hughes (@brittneyfhughes) manages to keep her look chic and effortless in how she styles this statement faux fur jacket. The colors within this look complement each other nicely, and underneath the statement faux fur jacket are two simple clothing pieces that work well together. She completes the look by wearing these retro cat eye statement sunglasses. All in all, love her style and her written work, so definitely check out her blog and socials for more!

Her Blog:
Her Insta@brittneyfhughes

Get the look: Forever21 Chevron Faux Fur Coat (Currently Sold Out), Urban Outfitters Slim Cat Eye Sunglasses


Colorful Faux Fur Coats

Faux Fur Coats took the runways and city streets by storm in bold and bright colors. Designers like Christian Siriano, Michael Kors and Tibi showcased these colorful furs within their collections at Fashion Week. A bright colored faux fur coat worn over your look would make a cute and bright statement as you strut through your campus.

Leopard Print

This cheetahlicious classic statement print has made a comeback this year, especially in the form of Faux Fur Coats. This season for Fashion Week, leopard print was seen in many bright colors on the runway at the Tom Ford Show. Style this classic ' 80s / ' 90s print in the form of a Leopard Faux Fur Coat over your outfit for a fashion-forward vintage look.

Colorful Tights

This colorful statement made its debut on the runways of designers Jeremy Scott and Adam Selman. If you don't want to stand out that much though when it comes to this statement piece, I'd recommend wearing the colorful tights underneath distressed jeans. That way it takes the statement and makes it a little bit more subtle.

Bright Colors

The runways were incredibly colorful this season for Fashion Week. Many designers from Tom Ford to Tibi to Voltaire sent colorful collections down the runways. Bright Yellows, Pinks, oranges and so forth were seen on every runway throughout Fashion Week. Bright colors were showcased on many different prints and fabrics from the bright and bold animal prints to the bright colored faux furs. So, with that being said, try to use this as inspiration to incorporate color into your wardrobe!

Consider taking a colorful clothing piece and pair it with your neutral looks to make a colorful statement. Adding bright colored clothing pieces to your outfit is a great way to brighten up your look this season! Faith (@just.imani) does just that in this fashion-forward, yet, effortless look in which she pairs a bright yellow jacket with an all black outfit. This was a great way to add a bright statement color to a mostly neutral look. Also, I personally, adore her style and writing so definitely take the time to check out her blog and socials!

Her Blog:
Her Insta@just.imani

Get the look: ZARA Suede Effect Jacket (Currently Sold Out)


Skirt Suit - Oversized Jacket Styled With Midi Skirts

Prepare to suit up for this classic nineties reprisal. The chic nineties "Working Girl" style has made its reprisal on the runways, giving us major Clueless vibes. A great way to style this is by pairing a matching plaid suit jacket and skirt together for a chic and classic look. To complete the look and keep it effortless as well throw on a pair of sneakers, slip-on shoes, over-the-knee boots or flats.

Plaid and Gingham Print

Plaid seems to be everywhere right now and the runways are no exception. This season, every designer from Prabal Gurung to Jonathan Simkhai to Self-Portrait to Zimmerman have sent classic plaid looks down the runway. Simple ways to pull off this trend are by throwing on a pair of checkered or gingham pants and styling around them. Alternatively, you can also throw on an oversized plaid or checkered coat over your outfit for a fashion-forward statement to complete your look.

Get a similar look: ASOS White Pearl Embellished Top, Forever21 Glen Plaid Paperbag Pants, Forever21 Glen Plaid Cardigan

Magenta and Mauve Colors

 At the forefront of fashion is the vibrant Magenta. Collections from Oscar de la Renta, Alexander Wang, Cushnie et Ochs and more incorporated the vibrant color. Following is the deeper pink shade, Mauve, which was incorporated in the collections of Brandon Maxwell and Zimmerman. If you're ready to stand out, this statement color is the one for you! Find a statement piece in the color and style it to your liking.

Hope you found some style inspiration from this fashion rundown based on the trends from the Fashion Week runways this season. Which of these trends would you try out on campus? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks so much for reading loves! Until next time for more in fashion.

Disclaimer; please note, that some of these links are affiliate links, which means that I get commission for clicks or purchases made through links in this post. This helps support the blog, so, thank you for your support! I only recommend products, brands and/or companies that I genuinely like. So yeah, thank you so much for your support! :)