The Fashion Essentials You Need for a KILLER Fall Wardrobe

Fall calls for many things; from long chilly nights, apple cider, and Halloween movies to the anticipation of the holidays, but most importantly for us, it also calls for a new wardrobe. Fashion-wise comes the opportunity to reach for our coziest sweater and pull out those cute jackets and pinafore dresses that make for great layering pieces in the Fall. So, read on for the fashion essentials you need for a complete closet refresh to get you that curated fall wardrobe that is everything but basic.

Straight Neck Mini Dress (In Plaid, Gingham, Leopard, and/or Checkered Print)

These classic and chic prints coupled with the straight neck mini dress styles have been on the frontline of fashion. The straight-neck mini dress style is the perfect fall layering staple to have in your wardrobe. It's such a versatile piece that's wearable any season either on its own as a simple dress or as a layering piece over a turtleneck (and maybe some tights).

Fashion Selection:

An Oversized Blazer

Blazers are a classic wardrobe piece that can adapt to any style. But on a whole new level of collegiate chic meets streetwear is the oversized blazer. Keep it polished by pairing it with trousers for your next interview or take it to a whole new level of schoolgirl chic by wearing it over a mini dress. As seen on Shay Mitchell (in the photo above), is a simple and relaxed street style look you can also try by snagging a cute blazer dress, pairing it with some shorts, and throwing on a pair of sneakers and simple accessories to complete the look.

Style Tip: A matching printed set (we're talking checkered, gingham, or plaid) consisting of an oversized blazer and a matching mini dress makes for such a chic and layered fall outfit.

Fashion Selection:

A Turtleneck

Turtlenecks are such staple pieces for any fall/winter wardrobe. There are so many different styles and looks you can build around this classic closet staple item which is why it's the perfect wardrobe staple.

Style Tip: You can create several cute layered looks using a Turtleneck. One of my favorite layering styles is layering a turtleneck under pinafore and minidresses. Another way to style this classic piece is by tucking a turtleneck into a mini skirt or a pair of jeans and throwing on a pair of boots to complete the look.

A Denim Jacket

The denim on denim situation was a moment...but, in all honesty, we can't deny the fact that it's a great transitional layering piece for any outfit and any season. With this staple piece, there are endless looks to be served, and so it's safe to say it's staying in our closets.

A Black + Camel Colored Coat

You can never go wrong with a classic neutral-toned coat. It's perfect for staying warm on chilly autumn nights and looking polished all at the same time. There are so many options and styles (many of which are affordable) so, go with what keeps you looking chic without breaking the bank.

A White Button Down

A white button-down is a closet staple that can be dressed up or dressed down to fit your personal style or plans for the day. 

Style Tip: When it comes to styling a white button-down, you can tuck them in jeans whether it's the whole top or just one side. Tieing the bottom flaps of the button-down shirt into a knot is also a perfect way to switch it up when it comes to styling. These are just simple tips to keep things looking fitted and give you different looks each time you wear the same top.

The Classic LBD

Every girl needs that go-to LBD "little black dress" in their wardrobe. It's an essential and classic staple piece that has lasted decades in women's closets because of its timeless, versatile, and chic nature. Think Coco Chanel or Audrey Hepburn's Givenchy gown in Breakfast at Tiffany's. When it comes to a classic Little Black Dress the outfit possibilities are limitless and so are the dress styles for any event and season.

Fashion Selection:

Ankle Boots

Boots, especially ankle boots are an essential part of every Fall wardrobe. Crushed velvet fabric, embroidery, buckles, block heels, or embellishments are some of the many styles that you'll see when it comes to ankle boots. So, throw on a pair to complete your look and achieve a killer shoe game this Fall.

A Slip Dress

This fashion staple of the '90s made its way back into most of our closets and I know I'm not letting go of any of mine anytime soon. A satin slip is the go-to layering piece to wear over turtlenecks and crop tops or underneath sweaters. Slip dresses come in many different styles like velvet or lace, but satin is just my personal preference because of how refined and pretty it looks in a finished look. A slip dress or satin cami is a simple and chic way to elevate any basic outfit and can be styled in so many different ways for a new look each time.

Style Tip: This is the perfect transitional layering piece (among many others!) for Fall, so, style it according to your personal style. Some great ways to style this piece is by wearing it over turtlenecks, crop tops, or t-shirts. You can then wear the look as is (top + slip dress) or tucked into a pair of jeans or a miniskirt. 

Fashion Selection:

Leather Jacket

A quality leather jacket can go a long way in elevating your Fall looks. It's such a great transitional piece for the season that you can quickly throw on over any outfit to complete a look.

A Straight Midi Skirt

This classic and elegant silhouette is a refined piece that's perfect for any French Girl Style-lovers. This skirt looks perfect paired with an oversized sweater, a turtleneck, or a minimalist logo t-shirt. After that, throw on some ballet flats, sneakers, or ankle booties and you're good to go.

T-shirt Dress + A Shift Dress

These pieces come in many different styles from chic to relaxed, so, depending on your personal style you're bound to find something. Feel like you don't have anything to wear? We've all been there...lucky for us though t-shirt/shift dresses make for simple pieces you can easily throw on and accessorize around when that feeling kicks in.

Style Tip: Grab either a leather jacket or oversized statement coat ( and a pair of Gucci-Inspired mule slippers or ankle boots!) to elevate a basic t-shirt dress look from casual to chic streetwear.

Fashion Selection:

Crisp White / Bold Logo T-shirt

An essential clothing staple. It doesn't even really matter what color it is, the idea is, a simple t-shirt is a fashion staple needed to put together a multitude of outfits.

Boyfriend Jeans

Just like black skinny jeans, this on-trend pant piece is great for creating endless outfits using what you already have in your closet.

The Quintessential Statement Coat

A statement coat is a great way to elevate any of your winter looks. So, whether, you snag one in leopard print or plaid you're bound to stay serving looks even when you're all bundled up for the cooler weather.

Fashion Selection:

Cat-Eye Sunnies

These babies are also not leaving anytime soon. Here to stay in our Fall wardrobes are the subtle and chic cat-eye sunnies that pair nicely with anything and everything, especially plaid sets.

A Statement Mini Bag

Statement bags are unique and simple ways to accessorize and complete any outfit. These can be one-of-a-kind vintage finds or on-trend selections from your local mall. Whatever it is, unique statement bags bring an element of creativity in the styling process.

Fashion Selection:

Minimalist Accessories

Minimalist accessories are amazing and subtle ways to add personal touches that complete an outfit. 

Style Tip: Minimalist accessories are also perfect pieces for layering jewelry. So, choose where you want to focus on whether it's layering necklaces, stacking bracelets, or layering earrings. Let's say you want to layer necklaces: this form of layering is all about the variety of necklace lengths. To begin, start with a choker and then add on a necklace with a slightly longer chain, followed by a low-hanging necklace. 

Fashion Selection:

Which of the fashion picks is your favorite wardrobe staple for Fall? Let me know below!

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